When I started working online I was working a construction job in Australia. I wanted to do something that allowed me to travel & work at the same time so I started looking into freelance writing, building websites & SEO. 

8 years later I work for one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world as a remote employee & run a web design and Local SEO agency with a virtual team.

One of my passions and interests is talking about building and online business, entrepreneurship & the remote work movement so I started a podcast  talking about this in Aug 2018 to share practical advice on getting started as a freelancer & building an online business. 

When not at work I am typically hanging out with my 4 year daughter, playing guitar or spending quality time with family & friends. 

I value the freedom that comes with working remote and really believe in the power that outsourcing to freelancers can bring to your business & to free time. 

Over the years I have built an amazing team & grateful to work with such amazing people at Shopify.  

Working with My Team

Currently, we help clients in 6 countries get more business. 


We build mobile responsive websites, optimise Google maps listings, turn on PPC for local search terms, and run strategic SEO campaigns. 

We have developed a model that works and is especially effective for service based businesses. 

If you are going to increase my stress levels and make life difficult you are most likely not my ideal client. 

If you are a nice person and understand that building a new website is a collaborative process, SEO takes time & PPC is a constant work in progress, then we will work well together! 

Our focus is to drive more calls and customers to your business. Depending on what you do will determine the strategy. 

If you are looking for a team who can increase your search rankings and get you more calls & customers, get in touch. 

I offer affordable packages which include a new website, SEO campaign & PPC to drive your business forward on a monthly contract. 

** I do not work with eCommerce stores outside of my Shopify role, hence I focus on service based businesses & personal brand websites.