🌍  I have a keen interest in travel, music and online business. I spent time living in Spain, New York, Australia, New Zealand and Thailand before settling back in Ireland. During my travels I worked in many construction & hospitality jobs.

🦘 While living in Australia in 2012 and not loving the civil construction route my life was taking, I made a commitment to learn online skills about figure out ways to making money online. 

👨‍💻  I wanted to do something as a vocation that allowed me to travel & work at the same time so I started looking into freelance writing, building websites & SEO. 

📈  I now work Shopify who are one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world as a remote employee on their merchant success team in EMEA. 

🎤  I have been a speaker at events across Ireland & the UK for Shopify speaking on the topic of eCommerce, Digital Agility and Internationalisation. 

🎙️ In 2018 I launched a podcast to share stories, strategies & insights for building an online business. I am joined by freelancers and entrepreneurs from around the world. 

🎸 When not on the computer I am typically hanging out with my daughter, playing guitar or spending quality time with family & friends 🎶