When I started working online I was doing a construction job in Australia. I wanted to do something that allowed me to travel & work at the same time so I started looking into freelance writing, building websites & SEO. 

8 years later I work for one of the fastest growing tech companies in the world as a remote employee & own a portfolio of websites that generate revenue via affiliate commissions,  display Ads and sponsored content.

One of my passions and interests is talking about building and online business, entrepreneurship & the remote work movement so I started a podcast talking about this in Aug 2018 to share practical advice on getting started as a freelancer & building an online business. 

When not at work I am typically hanging out with my 5 year daughter, playing guitar or spending quality time with family & friends. 

I value the freedom that comes with working remote and really believe in the power that outsourcing to freelancers can bring to your business & to free time. 

Over the years I have built an amazing outsourced team & grateful to work with such amazing people at Shopify.