Local Enterprise Online Business Grants Ireland

Local Enterprise Online Business Grants Ireland

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The Irish government have been helping SME's to get online with the Online Trading Voucher scheme for a few years now. Recognising the change in customers behaviour they have provided funding through the Local Enterprise Office (LEO) for business owners to get online and build their online presence. 

This was typically applied for via the Online Trading Voucher that was made available once or twice per year. A business owner simply contacts their LEO to apply and then get a quote from three providers who can fulfil the work.

Typically this included consultancy, web design, graphics and some social media adverts on Facebook. They match you 50% up to €5000. So you would get €5000 worth of services but only pay €2500. 

This has now been changed. You now only pay 10% and LEO covers the other 90% of the bill to get you trading online up to €2500. Typically with a focus for a shopping cart, checkout solution or an online booking system

If you have already applied, you can now re-apply for an upgrade grant also 🙌

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 🦠 Covid-19 Business Continuity Grant 🦠

If you are a business owner in Ireland who has been affected by Covid-19, you can avail of the business continuity voucher. This covers up to €2500 in consultancy fees for you to speak with someone who can help you navigate the current situation for your business with some online assistance. 

Please use the contact form below if you would like to discuss working with me on this.  

From the Local Enterprise website:

The new Business Continuity Voucher is designed for businesses across every sector that employ up to 50 people.

The voucher is worth up to €2,500 in third party consultancy costs (at no cost to the company) and can be used by companies and sole traders to develop short-term and long-term strategies to respond to the business challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The goal is to help companies make informed decisions about what immediate measures and remedial actions should be taken, to protect staff and sales. There is also a 'Get Selling Online' grant available where you can receive funding to get your business selling online with a checkout cart or booking system up to €2500.

You only pay 10% and LEO refund the other 90% to your web developer. 

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