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SMEs boost economic growth, job creation, business innovation, entrepreneurial competitiveness and social integration within the EU. This is not some fluffy self-promotional sentiment conjured up by SMEs, it is a position held by the European Commission, which considers them to be the backbone of Europe’s economy.

Why does the SME-outsourcing formula work so well?

With a smaller budget and fewer in-house resources to hand than large companies, SMEs benefit exceptionally well from outsourcing their content creation. That SMEs are the forerunners of pushing entrepreneurial innovation and competition goes hand in hand with the booming culture of location-independent freelancers and virtual service providers and the seemingly unstoppable force that is social media and blogging.

As an SME, you know that a steady flow of high-quality content is crucial to the recognition of your business, however, generating and maintaining this output yourself can be a struggle. You might be able to handle it on your own in the beginning but inevitably you will spread yourself thin. This is when mistakes happen, standards slip and passion wanes. The time and effort required to research topics, establish and outline an angle and actually write and edit the content, not to mention publish it, will soon be responsible for that throbbing behind your eyes and frayed nerves as other priorities vie for your attention.

Perhaps you have already conceded that you are unable to take on the task of content creation yourself but you’re considering passing the task onto a member of your in-house staff or simply hiring someone new. Think again. If your in-house staff are inadequately skilled when it comes to content creation or simply too busy with their own endeavours you will have to train them or rewrite everything yourself: back to square one. Outside of the office, local talent may be scarce or simply too expensive so outsourcing your content creation is not only a viable decision but a vital one.

What benefits can you expect from outsourcing?

  • Ideas and projects can swell and blossom overnight, which is when you need publication-ready content turned around swiftly with minimal input from your end. Or perhaps certain projects are stop-start so you want the flexibility of scaling things up or down at the drop of a hat. With in-house staff who are already busy, this isn’t easy. Instead, look to the wealth of virtual staff waiting in the wings. If you have simultaneous projects on the go, having multiple (cost and time-efficient) virtual staff members on the go as well as your in-house team, multiple projects are infinitely more manageable.
  • All serious writers deserve a chance and everybody has to start somewhere but when native English speakers are a must for delivering concise, coherent content, outsourcing gives you access to a whole spectrum of competent writers, from agency approved newbies to reputation-rich freelancers.  
  • The rates of virtual staff are competitive because there are so many people who want to work in this sphere. Not only will you save on all those painful overheads associated with in-house staff but you can always find someone of the appropriate calibre to suit your budget. Trust me, there is a multitude of talented writers who are willing to work to your budget in order to gain valuable experience and feedback. A dedicated virtual employee or team, beavering away in their own zone can deliver you with all the perks of an expanded team at no great expense. Note that it is not worth hiring cheap for the sake of cheap, it will cost you dearly.
  • Consider the infinite pool of personal experiences and skills that abound worldwide. For example, imagine the value of writers who have really lived before they were writers or those that have, through life experience, acquired expertise relevant to your business. There is a wealth of talent and skill for you to tap into that will optimise your content because it’s being composed by someone who understands your business.
  • On the other hand, you are equally likely to find writers who are downright gifted, chameleons who can colour their words with every hue of content and copy wizardry with a flick of the wrist.  This breed of writer is worth paying for and will deliver a formidable flow of content.  


In short, content should be part of your SME mantra and virtual staff are there to perpetuate your ambition because the outsourcing scenario is an exchange. You need what they can offer and they very much want the lifestyle that working for you offers them. Outsourcing is a blessing for SMEs that wish to thrive.


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