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Freelance Writers Ireland – Outsourcing vs Hiring Full-Time Staff

At some point you will haul your tired body out bed and accept that there aren’t enough hours in the day to do it all yourself.  Trouble is, the budget won’t budge. Or you reach the point in your company’s growth where you may not have the expertise or time to create the quality and quantity of content that you need. The fork in the road looks like this: labour over the advertising of positions, potential training, overheads and commitments associated with hiring in-house, or outsource to freelance writers Ireland and make life easier! In this age of global community the latter is a forward step. Below are but a handful of reasons why.

Outsourcing staff saves you money, in more ways than one.  

Simply put, you can get more work done with the same budget.

  • It may be that you have limited or temporary needs and the content required simply doesn’t warrant the accumulative costs of hiring in-house.
  • The sceptics will shake their ruddy jowls and complain that the rates of virtual staff in Ireland are too high but the fact is, if the skill level or expertise required are not readily available for hire you will need to implement training and in the end it will cost you a great deal more.  
  • Initially the rate of a VA may be slightly higher than the wage of an in-house employee but you will save thousands by not committing to the likes of salaries and benefits. Virtual staff by their very nature don’t contribute to rent, utility bills or other overheads, which leaves you to invest this money elsewhere. Freelance writers in Ireland are highly educated, avid readers and passionate writers. 


Do virtual staff save you time?

If time is money, you need to seriously consider outsourcing some of your businesses content!

  • It is in the interest of freelancer writers to turn around high-quality work in a short space of time, relative to the scope of the job.  Any writer who is location-independent is eternally grateful to be so and wish to remain out of the office. As a result, they strive to deliver exactly what you want with greater verve than an in-house staff member who may well be counting the days until their next holiday.
  • By delegating content (amongst other things) it allows for multiple tasks to run at the same time. While your VA’s whip up daily, weekly and monthly content, you can devote time to tasks or projects that require your special attention. You might even like to relax a little more and outsource further, you are the boss after all and your content is in the hands of skilled content creators with a proven track record of delivering results. 

Enrich your content with knowledge, experience and ideas that you or your team may not have though of!

There is a world of expertise beyond your office. We live and breath content marketing and have highly skilled Irish freelance writers awaiting your next project!

  • Outsourcing a variety of digital marketing staff from across Ireland effectively means you’re experimenting with different types of content without racking your own brains for new angles and ideas. Everyone has their own catalog of experiences and this will shine through in their writing, helping you see what works best for your company. In other words, you are able to refine your digital marketing strategy in a cost and time effective way.
  • For smaller businesses who don’t have the luxury of specialist departments, outsourcing staff effectively brings in an expert for a cameo roll without you having to commit to them. Your content will be well written, optimised for search engines and designed to engage and satisfy your readers, which is what you need. Should the initial exchange be successful, you have the foundations of a longterm business relationship in place.
  • Taking advantage of this outside expertise to care for your content builds your own leadership confidence. With a clear head and none of the clutter, in every sense of the word, that offices and office staff bring with them, things will gather momentum and your appeal and presence will only continue to grow.

The list goes on. If you’re still not convinced, take a look at your editorial calendar, if you have time in your busy schedule. Calculate the time it takes you or your in-house team to come up with topics, research, write original content, furnish the content with images or quotes or links and then publish it.  Add to this your overheads and actual or potential wages. It should become clear that you have higher priorities than content creation but it remains a vital cog in the machine so consider how much more energy you could dedicate to tasks and projects that require your personal touch by outsourcing virtual staff.

The critics in the wings may well despair at the idea of it all. The trauma of finding an affordable and high quality service provider is too time consuming, they cry. Most are geared for larger companies with a much larger budget than me, they wail. There is nowhere for these protestations to take root. Look to the growing population of freelancers across Ireland and the world who are providing simple and effective outsourced services for SME businesses, digital marketing agencies and eCommerce stores. They’re hungry, skilled and they want to work. They’re willing to adhere to your budget and you retain that sense of apprentice and master.  These ‘virtual’ staff are still humans and you still essentially control their time, activity, and quality.


“We are all apprentices in a craft where no one ever becomes a master.” —Ernest Hemingway

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