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Use Local SEO As A Resource For More Customers & Clients!

What if I told you that Local SEO is one of the easiest and most profitable ways to boost your sales, customers and overall business?

Imagine your local business had a giant billboard in one of the most highly trafficked areas of Ireland but it was lying face-down on the ground where nobody could see it?  You would want to figure out how to get it upright and visible as quickly as possible, right? I don’t have to convince you of what would happen if you left that piece of advertisement to lie latent – or what wouldn’t happen for that matter (potential customers would never hear of your company!).  

This scenario above is figurative but chances are your small business is facing this real-life problem.  What if I told you that there is tool that is highly important to service based businesses that wish to increase your client leads nearby? Although the tool is growing in popularity, there are still a good number of businesses that aren’t making the most of the resource?  I am certain that you do not want to be one of them!

OK so I’ve got you interested.  But what is this highly important piece of advertisement?  Local SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is an indispensable component to every business/brand.  It is similar to organic SEO but is at the same time quite different.  It provides results in a search engine that are relevant to the searcher’s current location which in turn can help to increase your traffic and customer base. (This is good news, folks.)

Local SEO in Ireland is HUGELY Important!

Did you know that more people are looking for local businesses and information in search engines than ever before?  As high as 64% of local customers are turning to web searches in search of products/companies.  And 59% of consumers are using Google to find a reputable local business (via Search Engine Watch). Also, 85% of searches never scroll past the first page! This is why it is of utmost importance to ensure that you are visible to as many people as possible in order to grow your customer base and increase sales!

In Ireland alone, mobile internet usage has been reported to double on a yearly basis, with over 85% of people using mobile search every day! 

Without making the most of local SEO, your brand is risking not being found in local search results, thus not reaching all of your prospective clients.  This is a very big problem, especially for small businesses.  

I know that local SEO is also important because it helps to boost visibility based on your location and establishes authority within the search engines.  I am sure you are aware of the problem of competing with big-brand companies, as a small business owner.  With local SEO, some of those hard-to-beat competitor results will fall away which will help with your organic search rankings!

Local SEO assists you in reaching customers when they need you (not when they don’t) which will help to save you time, energy and money. Local SEO targets customers who are already interested in your brand based on keywords and location.  This helps to cancel out any advertising costs you may have been previously spending on reaching out to customers who may or may not even be interested.

Local SEO provides higher conversion rates than other means of advertising.

It is a better investment than adverts – especially where the long term is concerned.

There are also FREE local SEO services available, like Google Places!  And with this one the path is wide open. Only about 10% of businesses are listed currently with Google Places.  

What about customer reviews?  Did you know that most local customers value word of mouth from real people?  Local SEO is a great way to receive trusted reviews from customers in Ireland.  

Local SEO, although a hugely valuable tool, can be tricky to do by yourself.  A lot of tech-savvy businesses have at least someone on board who can handle the technical stuff, but diving into local SEO can be a bit more complicated. That’s why we are here – to help.

We at Online Focus Digital Marketing understand local SEO, specifically local SEO in Ireland.  We want to help to increase your online exposure.  But we won’t simply do the work and send you on your way – we will teach you what you need to know in order to make local SEO work for you.

We help get to know your target audience, which enables us to help you to dominate your competitors in the local search engines. Let us take the headache of setting up your local SEO so you can focus on doing what it is that you do best – running your business!



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